How to Expand the Visibility of Your Small Business

There are two distinct ways in which you can expand the visibility of your small business. The first method is to increase target audiences based on demographic parameters within your present marketing zone. It is the vertical growth in numbers. The second method is to increase the geographical coverage which may start with the neighboring cities and states. Slowly, but surely you may start reaching out to the global level; target audiences.


Website – Home of Your Business

Your business website is the home of your business, from where you sell your products and services. It is also the place where you invite visitors and show them what you can deliver. The visitors may also be interested in knowing why they should choose your products over the others. Then you have to tell them explicitly about your product specifications, quality, and other technical and functional details.

Home Page

Keep the home page as simple and light as possible. You may choose to use more text and lightweight images rather than loading with heavyweight videos and photographs. It can accelerate the loading time. A person who clicks on your website link will immediately enter without delay. He will have fewer chances of changing his mind to move to another site.

Your home page should have the best quality content with links to all the pages within your website. Avoid using menus as the visitors may not observe. Or they may not have the patience to click and wait for things to the dropdown. Show all the major categories of your products with a couple of lines of content and a reasonably visible image.

Product Pages

The content on the product (we have considered service also as a product here) pages should be relevant to the technical, functional, and other related aspects. It is a good practice to use bulleted text and tabular forms of data. Visitors can read faster and understand better.


Have a separate page for displaying your product images and links to videos. People who are not familiar with the web page’s content language can also view images and get impressed.

Social Media – Optimize to Become Visible

Your website and business should have a strong presence on social media. Create unique pages with maximum content. It should be appealing and attractive to everyone from the various age groups of male and female target audiences (depending on the product users).


Every social media network has a unique tool for expanding your marketing scope. For example, you can consider Look-Alike-Audiences. Here, you can enter the demographic attributes of your existing customers and search for similar people in your target audiences.


Posting videos, podcasts, and other interesting content on social media can help to attract the number of visitors regularly. At some point, you can provide a link to your website. Make sure the videos and content get the maximum number of sharing. It works like a nuclear chain reaction that can create a large customer database within your marketing zone, no matter how big or diverse it is.