Direct marketing has become an essential source of income for small and big businesses and has been widely used for promotions by means of direct mail. Business owners try every possible aspect or media channel to promote their products and reach a mass audience. They leave no stone unturned to launch a successful marketing campaign using direct mail services.

Strategic communication with the targeted audience results in building good relationships between the audience and marketers. When email marketing is used effectively and efficiently, it helps to increase sales and higher ROI. However, many marketing emails are rejected and marked as spam by the users, so it is crucial to select the right promotion tool for your business.

Gmail for example, a popular Google email program implemented additional inbox features in 2013 for incoming messages such as Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates tabs. As Kocsis stated, “We can expect continued changes to the user experience of webmail clients.” In order to take advantage of new functionalities and features, marketers should rethink how they create and deliver their email promotions.

Many small businesses are using direct mail services for promotional events because its targeted, personal, flexible, measurable, and very cost-efficient. Using mass media by attracting a large audience for promotional purposes could be costly for small businesses while direct email marketing can be a great substitute to improve sales rates.

The following tips will bring a few email benefits:

Email Design – when using email marketing to create a successful marketing campaign, develop an attractive creative design or layout of the email. Creativity is an important factor to make an impression and encourage a large audience to read a message. In addition, customer feedback can be helpful to determine email layouts such as text or HTML format.

Personalized Message – If you are promoting a product through direct mail, it is to create a personalized message. Personalized campaigns usually have a very high opening rate and lead to a successful marketing campaign.

Delivery Time – Business hours are the best time for sending mail to your targeted audience. Sending mail to your clients on midnight or early morning can cause the mail to remain unopened or be buried in other promotional materials. Always try to determine the best opening rate and improve your return on investments.

Tangibility – direct mail allows you to deliver a message physically into the customer’s hands and encourage interaction. Always create an engaging message and make an unforgettable impression by incorporating additional promotional features such as a special offer or free samples.

In this way, using email marketing as a means of promoting your business, you should take care of the above-mentioned points which can get you a fair return on investments.

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